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  • Salary Negotiations in the Nonprofit World: Why it’s hard and how to make it easy

Salary Negotiations in the Nonprofit World: Why it’s hard and how to make it easy

  • 09/10/2019
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Delaney House, 1 Country Club Road (Route 5) Holyoke, MA


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Salary negotiations and compensation conversations are tough. But there’s a whole different level of unease when it comes to self-advocacy in the nonprofit world. Negotiations or salary discussions may feel (or you are made to feel) like you are going against the mission of your organization.

In this workshop we will discuss these issues openly, walk through some research on this topic, share best practices, role play salary conversations and open up the discussion for general Q&As.

Some points of discussion we will touch upon:

  • How do you know your worth?
  • How do I ask or a raise?
  • Who do I talk to about these issues?
  • Ways to take the taboo out of the discussion and start having honest conversations
  • Guilt or burnout? One has to give.

We will ask the audience to keep the conversations shared in the discussion confidential and that individual stories remain anonymous.

About the Speaker:


Cynthia Medina Carson is the CEO of Wager. In her own words, here is more about Cynthia:

"A year ago I quit my job as a recruiter. My main role was to make hires as quickly and cheaply as possible. The candidates and I were always in a good groove until we came to the salary portion of the negotiations and then it felt like a train wreck. I watched both experienced and inexperienced candidates make bad compensation guesses and muddle their way through an important life-changing moment. Candidates were bringing sticks to a sword fight. Companies will always capitalize on your ignorance and in a world moving toward more transparency, this did not make sense.

In response I created an informal salary exchange and began pairing friends in my network to have transparent salary conversations. I connected and paired people to talk to each other about money. And over time, those same conversations were the springboards for informed salary negotiations.

I launched WAGER this January to get others onboard. WAGER is a service that pairs individuals to share vital salary information with others in their industry. Companies have expensive information. We have each other.

Our mission is to make critical salary information accessible and into the hands of candidates."

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